Are we Allowing Technology to Enslave us?

The question I ask myself nowadays is, Why are we allowing technology to enslave us?

I am not saying that I am not a fan of technology, but sometimes I wonder if we are being enslaved by it. Do we ever sit down and see how much of a toll it has on us? What has it make us become?

Technology has tremendously changed over the years. So many doors have opened in the world with technology. Whether it is doing business with other countries. Whether it is keeping in touch with families or “friends”; no matter the distance. Education; such as online classes. Transportation; looking up info for the bus, train, booking a flight. Researches, you name it. As you can see, technology permits it all.

But have we looked at the way it has destroy us and molded us into incapable, enslaved human beings. Yes, technology is created by man but is it RULLING us?

Most people nowadays can’t live without technology. Such as phones, phone has become a priority. And what the phone is being used for isn’t always productive or benevolent. Technology has open doors to an enormous field of social networking. Sometimes it changes people from who they are to who they feel the need to be, for others; most of the times, it is for people they don’t know, or people who simply do not care for them. Some people refer to it as “social thugging” or “Catfish” when used on social network. Sometimes we say that “oh technology has nothing to do with how people act”. BUT THE THING IS, IT DOES. Technology has permitted us to use certain applications to disguise who we are to who we feel is accepted or respected. With technology people create the prefect image and spread it through social network. So now people are battle the image society has shaped for us and what technology has permitted to create. So we abuse technology to create these characters.

You may wonder why I quoted friends two paragraphs ago. I quoted that because we say we keep contact with our friends using technology but is that really true. I say this because I have personally done and witness this, Where a bunch of friends get together after complain of not seeing or talking to one another after a long period of time, yet all they do is sit on their phones.


Why is it so hard to enjoy one another’s company without our phones, tablet, or laptops? Why is it awkward to not have a well charge phone at all time? Why is it weird for someone to not be on a social network? Why do we belittle people who do not have the latest technology? Will we ever be able to use technology for what is was created for or are we going to let it take over our lives?

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