Barstool: The Circuit of Marketing

One up and coming powerhouse in the realm of branding and marketing is the lifestyle blog and apparel website Barstool Sports.  The creators of Barstool Sports use their website and apparel departments cohesively by showing pictures and videos of customers and readers wearing their shirts, flags, etc.  A deep desire to be seen in a picture on the Barstool blog website causes an enormous increase in the apparel department, which is marketing at its finest.  As a result of an increase in Barstool Sports apparel circulating around the country, there is an increased interest in the website, where the majority of their money is made.

Featured image

Barstool Sports has mastered the art of using their brand to attract more attention to their blog website where they sell advertising space to many other businesses.  I think this is absolutely expert use of their website and brand name, causing the desire for public recognition to increase the demand for apparel, and with the increase in attention to both apparel and the blog, Barstool sports is capable to gain a larger revenue from companies buying advertising space.

Barstool Sport’s large target market and audience consisting of male and female sports fans, along with the average Joe who enjoys a laugh, they have been able to adapt their apparel market according to the sport season, and market towards a successful team’s fans.  Last year during the Boston Red Sox World Series journey, Barstool sports introduced several new clothing options such as the “Blood Sweat and Beards” T-shirt featuring Johnny Gomes and Mike Napoli.

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These T-shirts captured the attention of Red Sox nation, and Barstool Sports continued the crave about the shirts by posting pictures that were sent in by readers wearing these said shirts, which eventually created a craze about the shirts and a crave for the shirts.

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