Batboy Wins the Hearts of Thousands

In our world, I never realized how significant just one volunteer could make such a big difference. I am apart of The Chi Omega Sorority and am proud to have the Make-a-wish Foundation our philanthropy. Each year, I feel blessed when I realize that my volunteer work goes towards granting a child’s wish. This realization came over me when a letter was sent to our sorority house explaining that the money we raised, for the cause, helped grant a little boy a puppy. Seeing the smile of that boy help bring the light to the wonderful concept of make a wish.

I was pleased when I saw the huge buzz about batboy and the excitement that surrounded the event. Make-a-wish granted a five-year-old boy, with leukemia, the wish to become a hero for a day. They turned San Francisco into, what looked like, Gotham City. Not only was this event broadcasted live, but also thousands of people gathered to participate. Make-a-wish was only expecting about two hundred to three hundred volunteers to attend, but over sixteen thousand showed up. They had a ceremony for the boy at the town hall, for batboy to receive the keys to the city, by the mayor. I was astonished by the feedback that this event acknowledged. The total number of tweets on batboy was 555, 697 and over 19.5 million potential reach on instagram. Although this event was not initially intended for marking purposes, it reached my people who are now potential donors. From this wish, donations have increased by 26% in the last month, which ultimately was a great marking tool. Just bringing awareness to people and giving them the opportunity to help and support has benefitted make-a-wish and the children they help. While this was not your average campaign, it certainly spread a positive light in our lives. Many social media that we see today is more negative or a product that we simply don’t need in our lives, but Make-a-wish only positive in the message they send.


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