Biddies For Commish

Hey hey how we doin America? Im out here in Amherst writing to any and all sports fans. Todays topic? The NFL and how it’s in dire need of change.

I’m one of those guys who’s in 3 fantasy football leagues with his Sundays dedicated to NBC, CBS, and Fox. Being in a lot of these fantasy league can tend to be time consuming if you don’t know what you’re doing… Not me, im a stud. Back to the point here, by being involved in these leagues I have become very familiar with the players, their play styles, tendencies, and even behaviors off the field.

In the past month and a half we have seen multiple cases where NFL players are getting away with crimes that I would be jailed for and this garbage needs to stop. Ray Rice(Baltimore Ravens) beat his wife, Adrian Peterson(Minnesota Vikings) Beat his child, Josh Gordon(Cleveland Browns) failed multiple drug tests for marijuana. I don’t understand how a billion dollar organization can hire these “thugs” with one of the biggest television audiences in the US.

Character is defined as the qualities that distinguish an individual, and let it be known the NFL is by no means lacking character. The NFL lacking GOOD character from some of it’s most glorified players as well as a leadership figure to lay down the law. Roger Gooddell, the current commissioner of the NFL has been able to do nothing about these reoccurring instances. He had lied to the media saying he had no knowledge of Ray Rice beating his wife while it’s pretty clear his resources could’ve given him that video in february when the incident occurred. Adrian Peterson’s case happened last season and is now resurfacing, why not handle these problems in the offseason? Josh Gordon received a full season suspension for substance abuse and now has only an 8 game suspension because Ray Rice took some heat off of him, WHERE IS THE ORDER? This is where the name “Biddies” comes in.

Al “Biddies” Natola, better known as the hot shot kid straight out of Leominster Massachusetts. Natola would like to change the game for the better. He doesn’t want all these make-it-up as we go rules, he wants a concrete set of guidelines which players are informed about. Biddies is sick of the changing of rules for player safety, the players are getting played to play one of the most dangerous sports in the world. Each year the NFL comes out with more safety rules, why not just educate the players and have them understand that going on the field with a concussion is probably a bad idea. One thing we look for as football fans is consistency in our players and teams, it all starts at the source and I believe the source is Commissioner Natola. As commissioner Biddies will give the people what they want on a regular basis and make sure fantasy owners like me can watch sunday football in peace.

Is it Gooddells time to leave? Push the movement.

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