After much research and contemplation, I have come to the ultimate conclusion that sex sells things. No, that is not a typo. I know, I know – it’s radical; revolutionary even. Call me a pioneer. Call me one of the great thinkers of our time. Call me an idiot. The fact is that I know why you are here, reading this post right now, and it is definitely not the font or creative spacing. I am even willing to wager you would not be reading this if it was not for the title. Thus the power of sexual advertising is demonstrated!


Capturing short-term attention is an important part of advertising, and sexual themes do that quite well. Marketers can also create connotations between their product and sex to make it more desirable. Sexuality is one of the most powerful marketing tools, which is evident by looking at pop-culture. We can see countless examples, from beer posters to every Axe commercial ever. News anchors are always attractive people. Clothing lines like Calvin Kline sell a sexy look. Cars are being sold by models. Even Pepsi is sexy. Sometimes the message is subtle, sometime not so much.


Everyone knows that sports are masculine. They are considered one of the most masculine pastimes in modern society. Real men like sports. Real men watch and play sports. Real men especially like football. Football is the most popular sport in America and the epitome of masculinity. But what makes it so macho? Lets us examine, for a second, what is actually happening during a football game. Huge men, most of them decently obese, grab each others sweat-glistening bodies and play with balls.

UFL: California Redwoods Training Camp

How did this become such a manly activity? The answer is sex! Marketers have been pairing the image of attractive women together with sports for years. We have been socially conditioned to believe that the two go hand in hand, even though they realistically have nothing to do with one another. We equate sexy women with sports, and therefore, sports with masculinity.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition is a great example of this. Once a year, SI sends out an issue that is filled solely with women posing in bikinis. This has nothing to do with sports and is absolutely ridiculous. Can you imagine if National Geographic did the same thing? The point is that this Swimsuit Edition is not considered absurd because the sports and attractive women are linked together. Now I know what your thinking – “Does Hamp serve tacos on Tuesday?” and “Are there other examples of sex in football and sports?” –and the answer to both is YES.


Sports networks have been putting attractive women on the sideline of games to get ACTION reporting. Is that necessary? Absolutely not, especially considering that most of the time they either state the obviously or don’t actually know which sport is going on behind them. They are there because they look good. Cheerleaders, donned with skimpy outfits and pom-poms, are there because they are sexy. Then there is the Lingerie Bowl, where girls in underwear play “football”.

Ling bowl_opt

Sex has everything to do with sports; it is the reason they are considered masculine today. Sex is imbedded in sports and has engineered and helped the industry’s popularity for years. This is only one of the avenues the sex has advertised so successfully. Sexual advertising surrounds us. I just can’t understand how no one else has figured this out…

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