Brand Comparisons

It’s no secret that companies within the same industry are constantly trying to out-do each other. Every brand wants to be the best, and when one of their competitors comes out with something great, they have to come up with something better. But to what extent should the comparisons go? I’ve been seeing a lot of commercials for Viva paper towels that claim that more people prefer Viva over Bounty paper towels. Meanwhile, during Bounty’s commercials, they compare themselves to the “next leading paper towel brand” without bringing another company down. It’s the classy way to present a commercial instead of “playing dirty” like Viva has been doing.

viva         bounty

Similarly, the Nokia commercials poking fun at Siri and claiming that Cortana is better fall in to the same category as above. Is it weird that I felt personally offended that they were making fun of Siri? I’ve had an iPhone for a few years now and I’m pretty dedicated to the brand. The commercials I’ve been seeing for the new iPhone 6 have simply been stating the facts of their new phone, without talking bad about another phone company.

nokia        iphone

In my eyes, Apple and Bounty are clearly the more popular brands when compared to Nokia and Viva. That doesn’t give the less popular brands the right to drag down other companies during their struggle to climb to the top of their industry. But honestly, these paper towel and phone advertisements don’t have too much of an effect on me. Because no matter how many Nokia commercials I see that say Cortana is better than Siri, I’ll never give up my iPhone. And I don’t care how many times I see a commercial that says Viva paper towels are preferred by more people, because I’ll still buy Bounty every time. Why? Because these are the brands I trust and have become comfortable with, and have proven themselves to be reliable for me. Maybe it’s time that their competitors realize that they should stop bad-mouthing their competition, and start thinking of marketing campaigns that will truly set them apart.

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