Button Connection

As the daughter of two parents who each have started their own businesses I have seen the ups and downs of marketing techniques.  My Mother and father in their old  age are not quite as familiar with the convinces of technology when it comes to marketing ones business. My mother, Paula, has made a name for herself and her business in an amazing and unique way.

Paula is in the business of helping others through her love for buttons… Yes you heard correctly, buttons. These small items usually used to fasten clothing are being put to a different use. My mother spreads love and healing by connecting people using button therapy. My great grandmother started a button collection years ago and since then they have been bringing happiness to my family and my mom wanted to share this happiness with the world.

Her therapy includes a tray of hundreds of buttons varying in size, color and texture. People sit down individually or in a group and let their fingers explore. Some build pictures, some look through each button picking out their favorite and other just sit back and enjoy the feeling of them running over their hands. People have fallen in love with what my mother has started and she has received thousands of button donations from happy customers in return.

But what I love most about this business is her marketing technique, she manages to promote her business while still giving to others.  With the buttons she receives she makes her own uniquely designed button bracelets. Each with their own personal touch of buttons she thinks the wearer will enjoy. This bracelet is then given as a gift, free of charge to the people she meets and impact her life. When worn these bracelets attract a lot of attention for their stylish and colorful appearance. This gets people talking and asking about her and her work and the wearer has nothing but good, positive words to say about my mother… Since the bracelet was a gift out of love and support. She has come so far with her business and I expect it will continue to grow and spread the positive vibes she hopes it does.


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