Confessions of a College-Aged Fan Girl

Yes, it’s true. I am a total fan girl.

It all happened by accident though.

It’s all VEVO’s fault

One day, I was on the VEVO music app on my iPhone and was looking at the top trending videos. I noticed one by a group I never heard of before – 5 Seconds of Summer.

The name definitely sounded cool to me, so I was intrigued and wanted to check them out. I clicked on the video to hear what “She Looks So Perfect” was all about.

And that’s when I fell in love.

Making it big from down under

Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Michael Clifford, and Ashton Irwin make up the Sydney, Australia originated pop punk band, 5SOS – as they are known by their “fam.” And boy do they know what it takes to trend!


First of all, let’s talk about that name. SUMMER. Thinking about the sun? Beaches? Vacation? I know I am! It’s like they’re giving me a little bit of my favorite season with that name. I love it!

Don’t stop doing what you’re doing

They have got their marketing brand perfected, if not they are definitely doing something right because they are actually getting results. 5SOS has sold more than half-million albums and have been nominated for – and won – major music awards, like “Best Breakout Artist,” and have chart-topping singles.

They recently announced their own world-headlining tour through their web pages, where so many shows sold out when ticket sales opened, that they had to add more! Talk about sales!5-seconds-of-summer-5sos-today-show-2014-billboard-650_opt

Gimme the goods

Speaking of sales, 5SOS’s merchandise is a hot topic (coincidently it is sold there). They have dominated the advertising market to promote sales of their concerts, songs, and signature merch.

The band actually boosted American Apparel’s underwear sales by 10% because the brand is mentioned in their hit song – “She Looks So Perfect.”


When I went to Hampton Beach, I even found their apparel in boardwalk stores. And that’s not the only thing I see.

Bananas, bandanas, and band tees

Each member has a specific style they are copied for. Ashton with his famous bandanas. Mikey and his ever-changing colored hair. Luke’s lip ring. Lastly, Calum with his various ripped band tees. And, of course, flannels all around.

And the 5SOS fam copies them all.

The band jokes that you can tell which fans are theirs because they are the ones wearing bandanas, flannels over band tees, and have rainbow colored hair. Think the boys are starting a new fashion trend?


You’ll also see cut outs of Will Smith’s head and bananas at 5SOS concerts just because the band likes them. Boy is this fam dedicated.

Social media gurus

YouTube was the guys’ stepping stone to fame. Starting off by making covers of popular songs, they amassed a small band of followers. Then slowly, but steadily, gained more attention through YouTube viewings and shares.

This is how Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan of One Direction became fans of them. The One Direction boys tweeted links of 5 Seconds of Summer’s music, which introduced 5SOS internationally. They were such a hit that One Direction eventually invited them on their tour in 2013.

Social media is a great marketing tool, huh?

Following-spree anyone?

5SOS has continued the success with social media sites. Keek, Instagram, Facebook, twitter – they have it all. They take over twitter’s top trends with crazy hashtags, contests, and random following sprees all for the fam. (Can I get a follow back, pleaseee?)

They keep their fans in the loop and connected, which keeps them coming back for more.

Next big thing?

The boys are gaining followers like crazy. After opening for One Direction’s tour again this year, they have been introduced to a whole new market of consumers, mainly girls and guys who love cute bands.

They’re popping up everywhere. If you don’t know who they are now, you definitely will soon, due to them successfully marketing their brand.

I mean, four Australians making music, what’s not to love?

Excuse me while I go fan girl like I did in my *N Sync and Backstreet Boys days. #noshame

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