Courtyard by Marriott – Official Hotel of NFL

Working for Courtyard by Marriott, I get to witness first hand the effect of their recent marketing campaign as “The Official Hotel of the NFL.” When Courtyard took a look at their consumers they found 83% of their customers were NFL fans, with 68% saying they are “passionate” fans. What better way to market themselves to new consumers than by creating NFL-related prizes and experiences when you chose to stay with them?

Courtyard kicked off their fourth year of the promotion on September 2, 2014 announcing various marketing efforts including the 2014 Kickoff in Seattle that highlighted elements of their newly designed Bistro that serves as a lounge for guests during NFL game nights. The brand is also hosting local fan tailgates featuring NFL legends, food for guests, and prizes. Courtyard will be offering fans on the road an “All-Pro Package,” which includes a $20 electronic Amazon gift card, complimentary starter and drinks at the Bistro, and a late checkout (as available).  Continuing the “All-Pro” experience, Courtyard will run a challenge, asking followers to post a photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram that represents their best “All-Pro” look for a chance to win a trip to Super Bowl XLIX or a trip to their favorite team’s regular season road games for the 2015-2016 season.

The recently debuted “All-Pro” commercials, featuring NFL Network’s Rich Eisen, tap into the guests’ love for the game, as well as comparing the dedication and achievements of business travelers to those of football players.

In addition to the rewards and experiences being offered, Courtyards, such as the one I work at, are having viewing parties for Sunday, Monday, and Thursday night football games where free pizza is served for those who choose to attend. Regular travel guests look forward to relax in the lounge on these particular nights to enjoy the game with their fellow co-workers.

Essentially, this partnership is a win-win marketing endeavor for the NFL and Courtyard. With the NFL deeming Courtyard as it’s official sponsor, it allows Courtyard to recognize their guests’ passion for sports, while enhancing their offerings to draw in more customers in order to increase their market share. The NFL can rest assuring, knowing that every Courtyard will be broadcasting their network on game nights which will expand their fan base.

NFL and Courtyard are both brands that are defined by excellence. Whether it is the football players, business travellers, or the hotel itself, strong performance and dedication is the common theme. As hotels search for ways to distinguish themselves from the competition, the Courtyard by Marriott brand is greatly setting themselves apart with a fantastic marketing campaign connected to the most watched sporting event in America.

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