Customer Service Experience

Hi everyone, my name is Mike Borzi and today I wanted to share with you a personal work experience of mine where I was able to market the brand of the company I worked for in order to keep them doing business with us.

Donahue Brother’s Inc.

 First, I wanted to give you a little background of where I used to work. Up until this summer, I was employed at Donahue Brother’s Inc. in Methuen, MA. It’s a food distributing company that is most famous for the distribution of its coffee. But, it also carries a variety of products ranging from condiments to ice cream cones and tupperware. My daily task was to load up the trucks with the customer’s orders and then deliver them. My boss took marketing very seriously and would drill the importance of it into all of his employee’s heads. He believed marketing our brand was crucial in order to survive in the very competitive food market. Our boss always told us before we’d depart from the warehouse to “go out and market the great brand of Donahue Brother’s Inc.” His excitement about the idea of marketing was off the charts.

The Customer Service Encounter

On one hot, humid Friday in mid-august (the busiest day/time of the year), I had just arrived at our biggest customer’s restaurant, The Beach Plum, to deliver their 130-piece order. It was my last stop of the day and I was completely drenched in sweat. I was greeted at the delivery door by the owner with a very disgusted look on his face. His first words to me that day were, “What the hell took you so long?” As you can imagine, after a day of lugging merchandise up and down stairs in 90 degree heat, I wasn’t in the best mood but I knew he was our best customer and I knew I couldn’t head back to the warehouse until he was happy. I asked him what the problem was and he replied with a complaint stating that he could find a million other companies that could deliver his food before the end of the day.

The Resolution/Marketing of Donahue Brother’s

 After listening to his complaint about not delivering his food early enough, I replied by telling him that the brand of Donahue Brother’s is dedicated in making our customers the happiest they can possibly be. I reassured him that I would do whatever it takes for him to stick with Donahue Brother’s. In doing so, I offered him the opportunity to be our first stop every Friday. I made a game-time decision and I knew that my boss would be happy with me as long as I was able to show the owner that Donahue Brother’s takes pride in keeping their customers happy. As I expected, the owner agreed to my terms and was more than ecstatic that he would now be getting his food first thing in the morning. Thankfully, my boss was just as happy.

The Importance of Marketing

I found this experience to be a great marketing-related topic to blog about because it really shows the importance to stick to what your brand is about and to market the heck out of it. The Donahue Brother’s brand is all about keeping the customers happy and I marketed that brand to the owner of Beach Plum, which evidently kept him doing business with us.

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