Do you like playing a game and seeing other countries?

When many people see “games,” they think it as a free time activity. When normal people play the games for fun, there are people who play games for competitions. League Of Legends, most famous computer online game around the world, is having World Championship 2014 in Korea from late September to late October.

League of Legends was released in 2009,and kept expanding its game service over other countries. There were only few teams at the first World Championship for League of Legends (2011) and the prize pool was only $ 100,000 U.S. dollars. This event was a crucial to expand the game service.

Firstly, American Internet service were improving. I remember I did not have Internet cable service in my American house in 2009. I used phone Internet service, using phone network service on the computer. It was impossible to play Online computer games with low speed Internet. Faster Internet helps gamers moving  from console games to Internet computer games.

Secondly, Gaming stream became popular. Own3dTV and twitchTV showed people playing games. So, if you did not have a time to play a game, you could still enjoy watching the game. And, you can learn from them and communicate with the best players in the game through streaming. Normally, you are not going to match with high ranked players because the matches will be high ranked players vs high ranked players, and low ranked players vs low ranked players. Streamers get benefits from advertisements, advertisement, and memberships. That TwitchTv recently bought by Amazon shows how fast game streaming industry is growing.

Lastly, other big online games were on the downside. People got bored of Starcraft, Dota, World Of Warcraft and etc. They were looking for a new game and World Championship was on their eyes.

World Championship 2014 is the season 4 World Championship. The prize pool is 2,130,000 U.S. dollars. 16 teams from Europe, Korea, China, Brazil, Southeast Asia, North America and Turkey competed.

The games are usually during around 2AM to 11 AM in Massachusetts because they are held on the other side of the world. I saw few games before I went bed or wake up early to see good games. Mostly, I catch them up on Youtube or rebroadcast from TwitchTV.

What makes this event more exciting is a theme song for this event. Imagine Dragon made a song called, Warriors.

Sadly, time to wrap up. I did not talk about game itself because it is impossible to talk about the in- games experience because I spent my 3 years playing it and I can talk about it for 24 hours of 1 month.

If you like this song, you are ready to jump in. ^^

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