EA Sports “Its In The Game”

Over the past two decades, EA Sports has done an excellent job marketing their new products. EA Sports has had great success with video games that simulate the professional sports of hockey, basketball, football, soccer, golf and baseball. While some specific games have had more success than others, the company has done a great job in convincing their audience to continue buying their new & improved products each year.

nhl 15

I have given into the EA Sports marketing strategy ever since I owned my first playstation. Each year I tell myself that I will not buy the new Madden, or the new FIFA, but somehow that $60 game finds a way into my gaming system. EA Sports advertises their games everywhere in the sporting industry. Whether if it’s a billboard, a commercial or just the word of mouth, I always find out how much better this year’s game is than the last. The company always finds a way to improve their games in one aspect or another, forcing the target market to give in.

madden 15

EA Sports always finds a way to make each year’s game better than the last; whether it be improved graphics, roster updates, or even the player on the front cover. This year, EA Sports set up a bracket on SportsCenter which allowed fans to vote for who got to be on the cover of the new NHL and Madden games. One of the biggest names in football, Richard Sherman, won the madden vote and Patrice Bergeron of the Boston Bruins won the NHL vote. Now if I were to say that the player on the front cover couldn’t convince someone to buy the game than I’d be lying. Almost everyone I know who loves hockey could not wait to get NHL 15 in their hands because their hometown superstar was on the cover. Madden sales were higher than ever in Seattle after Madden 15 was released with Richard Sherman on the cover, as well as the Seahawks secondary “Legion Of Boom” featured on the home screen. This kind of advertising is a reason why EA Sports continues to succeed in the video game industry. No matter how similar you may think the new game will be, EA Sports always finds a way to improve their product and grab the market’s attention.

The motto “Its In The Game” will continue to be heard by sports fans for many years to come. EA Sports has mastered their marketing strategy and will continue to dominate the video game industry as long as I can imagine.

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