Emerging Marketing Trends in the Events Industry

marketing event I am approaching this blog entry as a Hospitality and Tourism Management major, currently taking the special events management class.  There is so much marketing that is involved in the events industry that I did not even think twice about it.  We have recently been focused on market research and new emerging trends in the industry in order to evolve with the industry itself.  While the term marketing is synonymous with advertising and promotions for the average person, in actuality they have distinct meanings for professionals in the business world.  Most of the marketing activity for an event is actually research aimed at learning what will provide the best experience to the guests.  In order to do this, people need to know what appeals to guests, ways to hold their attention, how to leave a lasting impression, and learn their thoughts afterwards.  Not surprisingly, most of this work can be accomplished with use of technology.  However, it is interesting to note that commonly researchers choose to gather information through the familiar interface of social media as well as using it as a platform for branding.

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Conventions and training retreats are major events, no matter what industry a person works in, and it is the events industry that works to create them.  In recent years, there have been many significant changes to the format, content manner in which material is presented at these events.  The key to most of these developments has been the use of technology with the goal of keeping people more involved with presentations.  While social media is a goldmine of information in developing these events, these same things (along with other applications for smart phones, tablets, etc) can be huge distractions at the actual event.  Rather than fighting the use of these devices, the new movement is to incorporate the use of these gadgets into events.

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This is done by adopting an interactive approach to the presentation by including all sorts of social media.  Examples are a live tweet feed going with a specific hashtag for the event, multiple choice questions answered instantly by the people on their devices, and even open ended questions to really provoke individuals’ thoughts.  Another thing that is really interesting is the advancement of branding on every form of social media.  When planning an event, the public relations team has a lot to do; create a Facebook page, email invites, mail real invites, tweet about it, perhaps create a make a specific catchy hashtag, and even Instragram.  The idea, based research, it to not only to market the event itself, but to create a buzz about the event and get the target audience to promote it as well.  This is by encouraging people to repost things in order to broaden the campaign to the general public.  Even after an event is over the theory is that people will continue to post about their experience.  That is why décor is even more crucial now with the knowledge that the audience “will Instagram this” and much more like that.  All of these developments are the result of in-depth market analyses and the idea behind social media branding by the public.

To read more indepth about these trends, here are a few interesting articles: Meetings OutlookTechnology – How To Use It Better, and Meeting and Event Design

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