Everyone loves free stuff….except when its U2 music

Im sure at some point within the last month most of you noticed you had a full U2 album downloaded to your iPhone and you had no idea why. I happened to come across one of the songs from this U2 album while listening to my music on shuffle. I previously had only one song by U2 on my phone so when I looked to see what had just come on I was confused to see it was some other U2 song that I had never heard of. Rather than going to the next song I decided to listen to it. This is exactly what U2 wanted when going through with this new marketing campaign.

U2 agreed to a deal with Apple, in which they received 100 million dollars to allow Apple to reward all iTunes users with their newest album, “Songs of Innocence” for free. There is no better way to promote your new album than to have one of the biggest brands in the world do it for you. The band hoped that by allowing Apple to release this album to everyone that had an iTunes account, they could attract people who may have never heard their music before or maybe even bring back listeners that gave up on their music. U2 was using this marketing strategy as a way to get their name back out there and draw attention to their new music.



However, plans did not go accordingly for Apple considering the majority of iTunes users were not happy with this new album on their phone and demanded a way to get rid of it. Despite the fact it may not have worked out with U2, I feel as though this opens the doors for other music composers to reach out to Apple for marketing their music. iTunes is a direct source for composers to reach out to people who don’t typically listen to their music. Although big artists, that are already very popular in the music industry, do not necessarily need this marketing technique it may still pay off as a way to show their appreciation for fans and followers. Perhaps next time Apple should make the deal with a band or artist that is on the rise and starting to gain popularity; therefore, more people may appreciate the free music to get a taste of how it sounds before they think about paying for it. Where as with U2 on the other hand, it is very likely that a large portion of users had already heard plenty of their songs considering they have been around for a while, so the new album wasn’t going to change their opinion of the band.

If executed correctly this marketing strategy could be a big success for Apple as well as the band or artist involved. Sooner than later I believe that you will start to see more “gifts” from Apple that market an individual or group’s music to iTunes users.


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