Who is the image of cigarettes today? Who are they trying to target? What is the goal of cigarette companies? Back in the day the image of smokers were the cool and envied people. It was an image that everyone wanted to be like, an idolized thing that kids wanted to try. Ads were sexualized to catch the attention of men who wanted to be with the lady, and women who just wanted to be her. There was a certain allure and mystique about those who smoked so elegantly in the ads which is what captured the attention of millions  and turned them into life long smokers.

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Everyone wanted to be a smoker. But now, the image of smokers has changed dramatically. Smoking has now turned into this frowned upon culture, that has nonsmokers coughing in the faces of those who smoke, and herding them into designated areas to smoke.

Now in 2014, smoking advertisements have completely changed from those in the past decades. There are no longer any commercials promoting smoking, or any types of cigarettes. The only place you are going to find any types of advertisements like that are in gas stations. Commercials now are showing the aftermath of choosing to smoke, and all the health effects that happen from smoking. They can be hard to watch, and are a little bit graphic, but it makes people react the way the commercial wants viewers to.

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There have also been ads on MTV about teen smoking from the website called thetruth.com. It is targeted towards teens to try and get the percentage of teens who smoke down to 0. Currently only 9% of teens smoke, as opposed to the 23% that did in 2000. These ads are trying to turn teens away from smoking, despite all the pictures of celebrities smoking, in fear that they will smoke because those who they idolize smoke as well. The website has a lot of facts placed around of all the different things that can happen to you if you choose to smoke. They have also started a new hashtag, #FinishIt, that people can use while talking about not smoking on social media sits. These kinds of marketing techniques are seemingly very effective  and since the website, and commercials have been launched, over 2 million people have started the follow.

The image of cigarettes is so different than it was in the past. Now it is something that people are fighting for an end to it.

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