“Flip.to” the Next Page – Hotels and their Marketing Strategy

Major hotels, from luxury to boutique, New York to Los Angeles, are exploiting their most important, yet underutilized resource to market their properties: their hotel guests. Meet Flip.to, a social media tool designed for hotel guests to share their stay experience around the world. This seamless application designed for user-friendly smartphones enhances a hotels marketing strategy through an extensive social media network. The premise behind this social media tool is for hotels to turn travelers into their best marketers on an international platform.

Here’s how it works. Take a business traveler, for instance, who travels from city to city and is searching for the hotel that will take care of his or her needs, whether they be personal or work related. After making a reservation, that same individual can share, using Flip.to, their upcoming stay with a link to the hotel’s website. Each post is seen by thousands of other users searching for a certain brand of hotels. Those individuals are then prompted to visit the hotel’s website through a personal interaction. Once there, potential customers will search for the best deals and are more likely to book with that property if a review is a personalized and genuine experience.

The figure above demonstrates a sample of information from which hotels have gathered since using Flip.to. With any business, the main goal is to make money. Bottom line. A hotel sells their brand and makes every stay for guests consistent. Flip.to designers estimate that about 15% of guests will turn into advocates for a hotel. This application is very intuitive. Rather than acting as a standard operating system, this social media tool personalizes the platform for each hotel. I think personalizing something is what makes customers come back. They want to feel important, just as if I walk into a hotel myself.

As a Hospitality and Tourism Management student, I have learned the basics behind hotel marketing strategy.  We have seen tools such as TripAdvisor or Yelp on social media as streamlines for guests to share their stay experience.  This is a brand new social media application that has already helped hotels increase revenues and their number of bookings. Louise Parsons, a Revenue Manager for On the Ave, a hotel company in New York, states “We thought that Flip.to would be another great avenue to reach potential new customers and to increase our social media following, and it has been that and then some. Flip.to has proven to be a welcome and very profitable addition to our overall social media strategy.”



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