For all you coffee lovers out there…

Hey coffee addicts, how was your National Coffee Day experience? As an avid coffee drinker, everyday is national coffee day for me, but what better way to enjoy your cup of joe than for FREE. Dunkin’ Donuts wanted America to know it has a new blend and as a way of introducing the new taste, Dunkin’ gave away free medium Dark Roast coffee all day on Monday September 29th. Dunkin’ separated its Dark Roast blend from the competition by emphasizing its unique roasting process creating a bold flavor, yet smooth taste without the bitterness.


Dunkin’ Donuts made some bold moves by launching this clever marketing scheme. While Dunkin’ was giving out free CUPS of coffee, Starbucks simply offered free samples of its Anniversary blend…talk about BORING. In addition, Dunkin’ encouraged their customers to bring the National Coffee Day festivities to their home with all varieties of Dunkin’ K-cup packs and 16 ounce packaged coffee for $6.99.

Furthermore, not only was Dunkin’ Donuts giving out free coffee, but they were spreading the love through social media with co-branded tweets from the Boston Celtics as well as the New England Patriots. You can say they were utilizing different tactics and platforms. Even if you are not a Dunkin’ fan, you were most likely there on Monday receiving your free coffee because let’s face it everyone loves free things! And this is exactly what Dunkin’ wanted.

Dunkin’ Donuts offers a wide range of product choices in various sizes and flavors. This marketing strategy helped promote their brand and develop new customers. Their aggressive marketing schemes continue to separate them from the other leading coffee brands. Dunkin’ Donuts is America’s favorite all-day, everyday stop for coffee. If Dunkin’ Donuts continues doing what it does best, nothing will stop the Dunkin’ brand. Did you receive your free Dark Roast coffee?


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