Ford Mustang 50th anniversary

The year 2014 is a big year for Ford because it marks the 50th birthday of one of the most iconic american muscle cars, the Ford Mustang. What better way to celebrate than to introduce a new model for the year 2015. An anniversary of any major brand is always a great way to market a product especially when the anniversary is something like 50 years. I remember following the stories and rumors arising about a year ago about what the new Mustang would look like and what all its specifications would be. Everyone in the american muscle car community was on the look out for any new information that ford would release about the new Mustang. Images called “spy shots” would get leaked online of the Mustang in disguise and it would really hype up the people of the internet.


The Ford Mustang was available this June but production did not start until mid-July. With any luck you might see some on the lots by now. There are three different models of the 2015 Mustang which include the new Ecoboost 2.3 liter, the 3.7 liter V6 and of course the 5.0 liter V8 GT. The Ecoboost version is new to the Mustang line up and offers customers an affordable Mustang that is more fuel efficient than the other models. Personally I would never buy a muscle car like the Mustang with out that powerful V8 engine.

With this new release and hype over the 50th anniversary, the Ford Mustang will have a edge on its main competitor, the Chevy Camaro. Most currently in the car world I would have to say the Mustang is on top because of its rich 50 year history which is being recognized this year and the release of the new 2015 model.

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