Whenever I go shopping, there’s one store that I always go to and that’s Forever 21. Not only are the clothes cute, but they are really affordable! It’s a great place to shop because it speaks to so many age groups, and so many different types of people. The store is just a giant closet and it’s great! Another thing that I love about forever 21 is that the store is really shiny, and bright. It makes the shopper feel like a million bucks. I love the name of the store, it allows the customer feel 21, a great age; old enough to be independent, (well drink), and young enough to still be young and carefree. I get the biggest rush ofhappiness whenever I enter the store, not only because I’m a shopaholic but because I can leave knowing that I didn’t have to break bank! The store allows me to be whoever I want to be, and dress how ever I want to dress and it’s freeing. Even though the store can be messy, it’s not always a bad thing. There were times where I’ve had to dive in big messes of clothes, and found the perfect piece of clothing or accessories, where it happened to be the last one and in my size too! It’s one of the greatest feelings knowing that you found something close to a hidden gem. Maybe that’s just me, but I’m positive that other people feel the same way! Even guys –  they have a men’s section too! Also, Forever 21 is currently promoting Breast Cancer Foundations as well, which really speaks to me. I’ve known the strongest women who had to fight breast cancer, so I definitely hold that close to my heart.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 1.40.26 AM

For someone like myself, a broke college student trying to find herself, Forever 21 is a great brand to help along the way. You can do it affordably, and feel good about yourself for being able to buy cute clothes – while at the same time donating to help raise awareness!

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