Get your head in the game, Lenovo!

The start of a new school year approaching? Back to school shopping got you stumped? As the new school year approaches, what is top on the list for back to school needs? The highly debated search for the best back to school laptop is always a headache.  Every year the list changes as technology further advances. So which laptop do you get? The Mac book air? Lenovo y510?p HP Envy?

This past summer I was stuck with this dilemma figuring out what the best back to school laptop I should get. There were many factors that played a role in choosing the right laptop. Laptops had to meet certain requirements based on different types of people. Some people use laptops for notes, some people use it for gaming, some for photo editing, some for multimedia purposes, and some for a little bit of everything.

I wanted a laptop for an everyday purpose use with a mix of everything. A top of the line laptop but at the same time affordable for a college student. Mac books are top of the line in the market and seen as a good college laptop, but the price is pretty expensive for a college student.

Countless weeks of research, looking at videos and reading reviews, I had decided on the multimedia laptop, Lenovo y510p. The marketing and advertisements had reeled me in and I just had to get it. Although I picked this specific laptop, in the end I did not get this laptop. It is because although the marketing was very well done and had it sold to me in my mind, the customer service and online website was very poor in comparison. The customer service did a very poor job in returning help and questions I had, and the poor customer service had convinced me to no longer purchase this laptop choice.

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