Give it a rest commercials!

Everyone hates commercials, right?


Growing up, I always loved the commercials and to this day I still do. Maybe that makes me weird, I’m not sure. Although, now that my brain has had time to mature and develop, I look at the commercials a bit differently. It used to be very easy for commercials to be funny and stand out from the rest because there wasn’t as many but due to the recent increase in products, services and producing equipment, we also get an increase in marketing. The result of this? Companies trying way too hard to get people to remember them. I have seen many commercials where I am left dumbfounded not knowing what the commercial was for and not thinking it was a good. Some companies make most of their money off of a well produced and thought out commercial—so, do it right! Granted, everyone has their own opinion on a good versus bad commercial but regardless, here’s a few I think were doing it wrong.

1. FIAT released a commercial this year based around the internet term GIF (Graphics Interchange format) and it is quite simply all the internet trends put into one commercial with the car just placed in the middle of it. It was extremely tacky and you can tell they were just trying way too hard to appeal to the public. This commercial is almost painful to watch. Rather than me just telling you… take a look for yourself:


2. Speaking of Yuck…. another commercial that was  trying way too hard to be funny was GoDaddy. Watch at your own risk because it is quite a strange commercial to watch.

While GoDaddy probably thought this was very funny, it actually makes people feel rather uncomfortable watching it which doesn’t put GoDaddy in a good light to future clients. A commercial is meant to improve the image and brand of a company and both of these companies did the exact opposite. They very obviously put in effort to try and reach as many people as possible but they went about it in the wrong way.

Now, Let’s talk about some good commercials. I am not saying that I think each and every one of these are absolutely perfect, I am just saying that aspects of these make them very successful.

1. This Cheerios commercial actually caused some controversy on the internet but I really like it. I think that it was simple, sweet and to the point. It had the right amount of cuteness without being too much.

What I like about this commercial is that there wasn’t too much going on but it still got the point across and made it clear what the product they are trying to sell is.

2. And of course, the Budweiser Puppy Love commercial.

I can say with full confidence that you do not have a soul of you don’t think this is the most adorable commercial. Looking at it from a marketing point of view, it may seem strange because it doesn’t have all that much to do with Budweiser. For this commercial, it doesn’t matter! People remember this Budweiser commercial because it touches them emotionally: Emotional Marketing. Sounds cheesy, but it’s true!

3. This last commercial may seem kind of strange but it is the whole reason for creating this post. This commercial below is from 2004 and for some reason: I ALWAYS remember this commercial. First of all, I think it is hilarious and second of all, I think it has a good concept, which is also controversial on the web.

Despite the poor quality and the fact that you don’t learn all that much about Vonage… I remember Vonage because of this commercial and isn’t that the point? You are creating a brand that you want people to remember. Maybe Vonage isn’t the best example but you get the point.

Commercials are tough. You want your commercial to stick in peoples minds always but you want it to linger in their minds for positive reasons. Commercials are a huge part of marketing for companies all over the world and that 30 second video can very easily make or break the product/service.

Question to think about: What is one commercial that sticks out in your mind? Why do you think it does that?

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