Going Over the Top for only $9.99

When WWE announced their new “over the top” (delivering media over the internet) WWE Network service on January 8 of this year, it sent shock waves throughout the television industry. It’s a live streaming service coupled with an extensive on demand library that launched in February earlier this year. It was no doubt a dream come true for anyone who is a big fan of WWE or pro wrestling in general.

The problem for me was that, at the time, I was already subscribed to three monthly internet subscription services. I had Netflix for its extensive library of shows and movies, I had Hulu Plus so that I could watch newer shows the day after they came out, and I was subscribed to Spotify Premium, because the ads between every three songs was wearing on my last nerve. So the question became, how are the going to convince me to subscribe and spend another $9.99 per month?

Starting some time around the middle of the summer, they began heavily marketing the network at every opportunity possible. That big match coming up this weekend? You can see it all for just $9.99. Did you miss the big pay-per view event last night? You can watch it for $9.99. Feel like watching WrestleMania again and again? It’s only $9.99. The heavy marketing actually caught on with the fans, leading to “9.99” chants whenever it was mentioned.They even, at one point, constantly used the line, “like Netflix, only better”.

The marketing schemeJBL-9_opt came off as disingenuous at first, but as time when on, it started to click with me. I found myself trying to justify spending another $10 a month, but it usually ended with a no. Over time, however, their marketing started to knock down my stubborn wall.

The constant mentions of new original series, old documentaries, and old shows that I had completely forgot about eventually wore me down. I subscribed at the beginning of last month, and I couldn’t be more satisfied. The 24/7 live streaming means I always have something to watch and if I don’t like what’s playing I can search for anything that comes to mind. Their marketing campaign was certainly “over the top” and broke me down and now there’s no turning back. So, if there’s any old wrestling fans bored with Netflix and need something fun and entertaining to watch at any time on multiple devices, I have a suggestion for you, and it only costs….b95f9b1845ed8f447027b7e54a273dec_crop_exact


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