GoPro With Your Actions

A well-known YouTube video “Blarney Blowout- 2013” is just about to hit 135,000 views. Thousands of students tuned in the week after the event to relive it through the eyes of a fellow student. This video was recorded and edited using a GoPro camera and attracted such a large audience due to the remarkable quality.

gopro-helmet-front-mountA new lineup of the increasingly popular GoPro, Inc. becomes available this coming Sunday. GoPro is an American corporation that produces high-definition, personal cameras. So why buy this when you can just record videos on your iPhone? Well these cameras can be attached to special accessories like a helmet or body straps to capture footage from all different angles. A GoPro camera is waterproof, small and portable. But wait… It also comes with all the video software to help you put together such an incredible home video.

GoPro is a “hardware maker with a built in, affordable marketing strategy”. The company doesn’t need to put a lot of money into marketing, because the product markets itself. All they have to do is hand a professional snowboarder a GoPro to wear down the mountain and BOOM they have the footage to successfully market their product. They don’t need to pay for actors, cameras or directors to plan out a commercial because they have the realistic footage that shows exactly what the product does. It is powerful, affordable, and relatable in a way that scripted advertising is not.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 7.54.51 PM

GoPro is becoming the hype at big events. People want to capture exactly what they see. It is an extremely entertaining new toy in the college scene. Yeah we’ve all had Smartphone’s for years now, digital cameras… Lame. But that student with a GoPro attached to their helmet is awesome and everyone wants to be a part of that! This past weekend at the UMass tailgate I saw at least 20 students with a GoPro on body, capturing the memories of their fellow students. My friends and I look forward to watching the videos that are put together by our classmates. Just like FaceBook, Instagram and twitter, it’s a creative new way to relive a day!

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