How Apple Can Help Achieve Your Goals

Everyone sets goals. These goals are set with the obvious intention of completing them. But with everyone’s busy schedules these days, its harder to keep track of these goals and actually achieve them. This is where Apple comes in to play.

Apple’s advertising videos go straight to the point. They want convenience. They want the customer to feel that by buying one of their products, they are reaching their goal with less effort as opposed to not having one.

Do you want to get fit? Well buy the Apple Watch! The Apple Watch has the convenience of every single aspect you would want to reach your goal body weight. It can record your heart rate, track your steps, measure your distance, maintain calorie intake… you name it. So by purchasing this item, you have no excuses! You can’t say oh, I’ll start to get fit tomorrow. You have the one tool to get you healthier at the palm of your hand (well actually it’s around your wrist).




By mentioning multiple benefits to the buyer, Apple finds a way to lure their customers in. This is where other companies lack. They don’t have that personal connection that Apple has. More than one-third of adult Americans are obese and so by addressing this huge issue, and supplying a solution, many people will be more eager to throw down money. They could’ve just had regular features of a watch and added in a couple bonuses, like an alarm and music. But instead, they added in all these features in order to draw in a large customer base. But, why wouldn’t I just get a personal trainer that can keep track of everything for me? Well, this is where Apple makes you feel not like just another number. The Apple Watch “gets to know you”. It keeps you motivated, shows you new goals to achieve and keeps you on track. By adding personal touches, people feel more important and connected to their device.

As Apple has developed, it has been leaning towards a healthier and more self-help brand. At the end of the video, they stated that they think the Apple Watch is “going to  help a lot of people live a better day and a healthier life.” So there you have it, Apple has moved on to  a more personal and goal achieving way to attract customers, and its working.

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