How Chipotle in Hadley Ruined my Night

ripped tortilla

At the end of a very long and tiring weekend, and after an extremely lazy football filled Sunday afternoon, my friends and I decided we would try to ease our pain and suffering by getting the ultimate mood brightener, Chipotle (Hadley, MA). We filled up the cars and were on our way to liven up our day in seconds. On the ride over one of my friends suggested we should call in our orders so they would be ready when we got there, but we all shot down the idea because of how close of a ride it was and normally Chipotle flies through orders. When we arrived the line was bending around the entire store, but because we “needed” it we decided we should wait it out. After about a twenty minute wait, we landed ourselves at the front of the burrito line to place our orders and then our Chipotle experience took a turn for the worst. It started when my roommate ordered a burrito bowl and asked for a tortilla on the side. As the server pulled the tortilla out of the packaging, it was shredded in the middle with two enormous holes! The server steamed the ripped tortilla folded it up and put it to the side of his bowl and proceeded to take the next in lines order. Just when we thought the experience could not get any more surprising, there was a miscommunication on the line and no one to roll burritos! The burritos started backing up to the point that the servers were taking orders diagonally with two customers in between them. Finally, it was time to check out and enjoy our food, but not before another glitch in our trip. With the line still bending around the door, two cashiers were both on the telephone taking phone orders. While we waited for the cashiers to finish taking the orders, I scanned the room to see looks of disgust across basically the entire line, my friends, myself and most of all my friend with the ripped tortilla.

Overall the trip put a very bad taste in my mouth about the service of this specific Chipotle. Not only did we tell our friends by word of mouth about this experience, but we tweeted a picture of the ripped tortilla. We told how my roommate was given a bad quality piece of food and how we were treated as second tier customers behind people who were not even in the store. This specific experience led me to tell more people about my bad experience than I would had it been a normal experience and showed me the importance of customer service and customer experience.

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