Miller Lite’s Retro Look.

18704 Miller Lite can and bottleHow much does the look of the products effect which one we choose to buy. MillerCoors decided to have a three-month novelty tie in with Anchorman 2 where they brought back the original white design. After replacing the blue cans which has been their design since 2001.  MillerCoors decided to bring back the retro look for its cans hoping to reverse the 7.1% drop in volume in 2013. Miller wanted to remind their consumers that it is “the only brand brewed to be great tasting beer that just so happens to also be less filling”


The consumer response to the retro look of the cans was overwhelmingly positive. An executive responsible for the Miller’s brands commented on how people have been telling him that the beer tastes better. This is an interesting statement because Miller has done nothing to change the production of Miller Lite. The decision to transition Miller Lite from the white look to the blue color that it had been because the color blue became synonymous with light beer, the leading seller of light beer is Bud Light. The white design for the cans was tested with men ages 21-29 and was a clear favorite when compared to the blue design. After deciding to extend the three-month campaign Miller has seen a slowing of their decline sales volume but they have seen an increase in can sales during the second quarter. After seeing this increase in sales of the canned Miller Lite Miller hopes to continue the upward trend by bringing back the retro look for good. They are going to put back the retro logo on the beer delivery trucks, tap handles, neon signs, and other sales materials. Miller wants to remind This change back to the retro look shows how consumers base a lot of their decisions on the products that they buy by the way that a product looks.


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