How Vemma advertise their brand?!

What is Vemma?

Vemma is a soft drink company that provides consumers with different type of drinks. They offer different variety from energy drinks to healthy drinks. However, I believe most of my peers know about Vemma not because of their drinks but their unique way of advertising their brand.

How do they do it?

Marketing strategies have changed tremendously over the years. Back in the day we used to advertise products/services on newspaper and TV, but now, as technology becomes more relevant to our life society Medias is now a popular for companies to advertise their brands. Vemma doesn’t advertise their brand on television nor on the internet, majority of their advertisements are from word of mouth. That is something you don’t hear every day, yet that is how Vemma is able to sell so much product. How they do it is they would ask their customers to sign up to be monthly subscribers. What that means is that subscribers will have to purchase $150 worth of drinks. And here is how to advertising tie to everything. Subscribers are allowed to recruit people to join Vemma and become a subscriber/member and the more recruiters you have the more Vemma will pay you.  This way, Vemma is giving subscribers incentive to recruit as much people as possible, so the recruiter will receive the money. And so, they money that they otherwise will spend on advertise will be on the people that recruit a lot of people.

How much do recruiters get paid? 

Everything so far sounds really exciting right? You can get the drinks that you like and you get paid by recruiting your friends and family to join you. Well, when sometime thing is too good to be truth you have to check the facts. Majority of people who are making a lot of money are usually the top 1%. They make probably around $200,000 up to $500,000 just by recruiting people. Well, what about the 99%? More than half of the people lose their money, a small portion of people would break even, and another portion will make close to nothing.

Who are their targets and it is illegal? 

Vemma normally targeting people in high school and college, they believe these are the people that are highly motivated to work hard and have a big network connection which is very essential to the marketing strategy. Older adults are welcome to join too and the successful ones are the ones that hold big events to get more recruiters. Vemma is a very controversy company, many people have accusing Vemma is a pyramid scheme. I will leave my opinion out of it and continue to follow the news about the company.

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