I Woke Up Like This – Flawless.

The Queen Bey, that is. Unlike any other artist before her time, or even in this present time, Beyoncé has once again proved herself as Queen Bey after dropping her fifth album without the use of any ads, promotions, or even so much as a whisper (hint).

Like a thief in the night, Beyoncé’s self-entitled album Beyoncé was released on the early morning of December 13,2013 onto iTunes, which inevitably took the world by storm. Bringing forth not only 14 new head-banging R&B/Pop songs, Beyoncé further rocked her fans by combining the addition of a visual album with 17 music videos to go with it. (Whoa!) Having had the need to release the album on her own terms, Beyoncé made the bold move of “promoting” herself – and her album by just simply putting it out there.

Unlike artists today who follow the conventional way of marketing their albums, with interviews, social media teases, and large promotions, Beyoncé made the daring move to do the exact opposite. Having relied heavily on both her Instagram followers and her Facebook fans to spread the word of her new album, Beyoncé had found a way to make the “unconventional” way and/or the old-fashioned way of word of mouth marketing to work – in essence for her.

In respects to the Apple industry today, its no secret that their products sell themselves, a marketing strategy that isn’t easy for any company, let alone anybody – except for Beyoncé of course. But what is it exactly that lead to Beyoncé’s marketing strategy success? Three simple reasons:

  1. The Shock of it all: How in the world did she manage to pull off such secrecy with paparazzi and social media swirling all around her? The simple answer – we will never know.
  2. Innovative: Beyoncé’s originality is mark above the rest. Unlike other artists who carefully plan out their advertising and so forth, Beyoncé found pleasure trying something new.
  3. The Brand: Queen Bey. Sasha Fierce. 17 –time Grammy winner. Need I say more? As an artist who always captivates her fans, Beyoncé’s was sure to be a hit from the very beginning – even if she had decided to use the conventional way of marketing.

In a world chock-full of advertisements and promotions being shoved down our throats, Beyoncé had managed to bring forth a new way and/or bring back the way of marketing by simply using the word-of mouth.

All hail Queen Bey.

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