If You Don’t Have an iPhone, You Don’t Have an iPhone


From the tech savvy user to your average Joe, every single person has heard of the tech giant Apple. Apple has not only taken over every other tech giant, it has made a place that no other can conquer.

So, my question here is what does Apple do that makes it so irresistible that it makes even its most fickle customers think twice before switching to a different brand. I think it’s all about the way Apple markets it’s products, not forgetting the quality and service they provide.

Steve Jobs was not only the former CEO and founder of Apple, he was a marketing genius. He thought from the customer’s point of view. He always emphasized more on making the products aesthetically pleasing and pleasurable to use. From the Apple logo to its interface, there’s a certain involvement of phenomenal creativity. When I first walked into an Apple store in New York City, it was not because I wanted to buy a product, but because the store attracted me.


Recently, Apple introduced the iPhone 6 and 6+. Since then, there have been many negative reviews about it. But even the stream of negative comments couldn’t stop Apple from cashing in some outstanding sales numbers. People stood in line for hours, only hoping for the chance to buy the phone at the day of its launch. I won’t be surprised if many of you reading the blog have pre ordered an iPhone.  A company that can sell 10 million phones in 3 days definitely does something right!

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 8.02.04 PM

I recently bought a new MacBook, and after using it for two weeks, I had an issue with it. I took it to the Apple store and within just a few minutes, I was handed over a new one. By doing this, Apple gained my trust and loyalty. This is true customer service, and clearly an important part of marketing.

When you look at an Apple iPhone or a Mac, I want you all to think of why you bought it? All of us will have different answers but all of them will lead to one                                                                                                                  MARKETING!


Riddhi Lunkad

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