Iphone 6 vs. Competititors

Recently its seems as though the smart phone market has exploded with multiple competitors to apple elevating their game. The Iphone 6 is possibly facing more competition than any other apple smartphone release simply because of a growing market for the Samsung, Droid, and LG products. Many people would argue that the competitors are creating a better product and I see no reason why this isn’t true. I am not a “tech” guy so I cant decipher the details of how these products physically compare. However, I have noticed a huge difference between how these companies market their phones.

These days if you watch television you cant help but notice the constant smartphone and tablet AD’s dominating television. Nearly every commercial break their is an AD that directly compares the Iphone to one of its competitors. The common argument is that they have been ahead of Apple for years and the Iphone 6 is now doing what other products have been doing for multiple product generations(http://mashable.com/2014/09/14/samsung-galaxy-note-4-ad/). We all can see that Apple still dominates the smartphone market simply by comparing the hype around the Iphone 6 release to the next to nothing Samsung gets when one of their products is released(which seems to be on a weekly basis) Assuming what these other companies are saying about their phone being superior to the Iphone is true, the question is how does the Iphone still crush the competition.

I see it as a simple flaw to the other companies marketing strategy. While Samsung, LG, Droid, and Microsoft compare themselves to the Iphone and aim to rip apple products as inferior and behind the times I think they are actually doing the opposite. This type of marketing seems to me as if they are admitting defeat. Apple doesn’t compare themselves to their competition in boring, technical, and backhanded TV Ads. What they do is tell you why you need an Iphone and show you how much better your life can be with one. Most people don’t want to make difficult decisions especially when it comes to comparing technology. Apple makes it easy by promoting a lifestyle rather than a product. Watching an apple commercial you see a life that we all aspire to live and makes us believe that the Iphone is necessary for the modern and hip lifestyle they display. Apple makes us believe that their phones are a necessary commodity where the other products try to convince us that they do it better, and even though they may be superior no one believes them.

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