Jeter’s Gift to the Fans “The Player Tribune”

After finishing his farewell tour with the New York Yankees it is time for Derek Jeter to finally retire and start thinking about life after baseball. Jeter known by many as the face of baseball over the past 20 years, is known for being very guarded with reporters and keeping his private life “private”. He also his success of never being put in the media spotlight in a negative way by being careful about what he said and thinking before answering even the smallest of questions so his thoughts came across the way he intended them to. He also did this in “the toughest media market” being New York.

Derek Jeter Jeter is now joining the media through a new website devoted to delivering athletes “unfiltered” views to fans. Because fans deserve to hear an answer better than “no comment”. Jeter is calling it The Player Tribune, a digital company that will offer fans unique access to some of the most popular and sought after athletes in every sport without having to deal with reporters to do it. Jeter says he wants to “Transform how athletes and newsmakers share information, and bring fans closer than ever to the games and players they love”.


The Player Tribune will no doubt provide athletes the ability to avoid controversy, actively or passively promote themselves, the products they endorse, as well as the various interests they represent. It is a website that doesn’t deal with the “filter” that is the media, in that things they say or post won’t be distorted and an athlete can say what he needs to say and present it the way he intended to without it being twisted and distorted by the media differently. The Player Tribune will give fans a glimpse into these athletes personal lives but only parts of their personal lives they are willing to share. We will see if The Player Tribune will be able to compete with social media outlets like twitter, Facebook, and instagram. But there are not many athletes ever who handled themselves and as professional and a person better than Derek Jeter. Jeter is the digital company a face, a very well known face.

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