“Johnny Snickers”

Do you like football? How about chocolate?web1_ManzielCommercial

I am willing to go out on a limb and say that most people in America like at LEAST one if not both of these things. On this limb i’ll say even if you don’t like either of those you will probably still appreciate the humor in Snickers new ad.

Snickers most recent ad campaign has combined both chocolate and arguably the most polarizing player in the National Football  League:  Johnny Manziel.


Playing off the “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” slogan the commercial compliments a string of recently aired ads in a campaign featuring other high end stars like Robin Williams, Joe Pesci, Aretha Franklin, Betty White and other Joe Shmoes suffering from the identity crisis of hunger. From this line of stars it’s safe to say Snickers likes the performer types, but on this occasion I am glad  they satisfied the hunger of the sporting world.

In this latest installment starring“Johnny JamBoogie” The ad shows a sarcastically energetic Manziel running a women’s aerobic fitness class in an almost mocking manner. Known better as Johnny Football to most of America, Johnny gets his jamboogie on doing arm circle thingy’s, pelvis rotations and incredibly athletic side lunges.

While the Cleveland Browns quarterback is usually more preoccupied with finding receivers and dodging linebackers, on this day his focus is “Who’s got a pelvis!?”

I’ll be honest, as a fan of the NFL and of Snickers I laughed. I actually laughed a lot. The idea of one of the youngest cockiest high profile quarterbacks doing pelvic thrusts in front of a group of middle aged women exclaiming “Come on gang, work those thighs!” is original even in an era of commercials flooded with celebrity appearances. I think this ad campaign works. I also think that Jamboogie could become a new catchphrase for him, or even a name of play for the Browns. But I digress..

The snickers ad brings humor  to the country’s most popular sport, one of the sports most popular players and a delicious caramel and peanut covered chocolate bar. What could go wrong? I think it’s safe to say Snickers and Johnny nailed this one. 

 “Whats my name!?” “Johnny Jamboogie!”

Eat a snickers Johnny! But don’t lose the Jamboogie.

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