In a new advertising scheme by Lincoln Motor Company they have taken the ever so popular movie star and recent HBO star in True Detectives, Matthew McConaughey under their wing to “go back to see where you came from.”  The commercial shares little about the actual MKC vehicle, only slightly showing it’s exterior sleekness from time to time in the dark to accentuate it’s beauty against the city lights.  This advertisement in my opinion is brilliant.  Most motor vehicle companies brag about how many different awards they’ve won, yet every different motor vehicle company has won some sort of award or proclaims they have.  So how do you draw in a customer base on the fact that there are many other car companies just as good as yours?  You throw Matthew McConaughey in the driver seat with a rugged look like he’s back on the set of true detective, portraying the notion that the luxurious MKC is for the hard working man or for a high social status lawyer, doctor, or engineer.


McConaughey uses the phrase, ”Sometimes you have to go back to move forward.”  The way in which he says this draws the audience in and makes them re-evaluate other luxury cars like BMW, Audi, Lexus, Mercedes, and makes you think, why not Lincoln?

The commercial relates to a problem I have with smartphones.  I never want to leave my Iphone because I am so accustomed to it.  Yet sometimes you have to go back (switch to Samsung or HTC) to move forward (have a better smartphone).

Some people may think different about the commercial (anyone not a fan of McConaughey) yet his physique is exactly what Lincoln Motor Company wants people to refer to their vehicle by.  So next time you’re out looking for a luxury vehicle take a minute “to go back and see where you came from” whether that be a rugged life or one of beauty and picture yourself driving the MKC.  I could probably guess the car you’ll be leaving in.

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