Living in the USA (United States of Apple)

If I was to guess how you were reading this blog right now, I feel confident in assuming that you are reading this via an Apple device. No? Well if you are using a laptop right now that isn’t a Mac, turn to your left, to your right, check your pockets. I feel even more confident in assuming that you’ll find an iPhone, an iPod, an iPad or maybe even an Apple TV somewhere. Look at all those students out there at dining halls and those throughout campus with their eyes buried in their phone. It’s an irrefutable fact that Apple is everywhere, and even more importantly, that Apple products are an irreplaceable part of people’s lives.

Just think of all the things throughout the day that you rely on your iPhone for. Texting, email, schedules, social media, music, weather, banking, health. The list could go on and on. Having a phone that is so easy to use with such convenient features allows us to have a one stop shop in the palm of our hand. It’s truly remarkable that Apple was able to create such a wonderful device. It’s obvious to me why Apple is so successful and has so many loyal customers. There are many companies out there that have huge followings of adamant supporters, like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts for example, but Apple is different. It seems as if Apple supporters have turned into more than just supporters of the brand, and have instead turned into a cult following.


I understand the love for iPhones. But there were people who lined up in front of the Apple’s Fifth Avenue store in New York City before the iPhone 6 was even unveiled. Two cousins sat in line for 20 days waiting to get their iPhones. That’s unfathomable to me. But there were tons of others who followed suit and sat in line for days at a time. What could compel someone to wait in a line on the sidewalk for days at a time, year after year? The answer is simple, the brand of Apple. People want Apple products simply because they are Apple products. Just look at the newest iPhone: despite the rough start the iPhone 6 has been dealing with, people continue to go out and buy. It’s easy to expect that next year, Apple’s new products will sell just as much as they did this time. Apple is a giant right now, and since the ball has started rolling, it seems as if there’s nothing stopping the brand from continuing its dominance.  Continue to expect to see Apple products everywhere in the coming future.

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