Moxy Hotels


Moxy Hotels was created by Marriott International to break into the Millennial market. As Millennials are entering the work force and are getting more money, they are more likely to spend on travel, however they do not want to stay at formal hotels. Millennials are more likely to stay in quick service and cooler places. The era of white glove service and marble columns has come to an end.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 6.09.00 PM

Moxy’s marketing campaign is targeting millennials and some tech savvy/hip generation x-ers. They are using social media, such as Instagram and Twitter to reach their market. Their social media posts are interactive, often asking for a reply or for their followers to respond with another picture.  They are very informal and casual. Often times having an underlying provocative meaning, while still the carrying a message to accurately represent the hotel. They advertise their extensive free high speed wifi and other perks, like a high end lobby bar with small plates to attract their clients.


Moxy Hotel’s advertisements also has very few words, just show the property, and most of the time does not say the name of the hotel. It is very simple and carries a clear message. This allows for the customer with a short attention span to absorb the message with looking at it for only a few seconds.


They often show their Lobby, which in their language is called their Living Room. Hotels like Moxy often create their own language and terms to create a vibe and a unique theme throughout the hotel. Their living room is used as a hub for the hotel. The rooms are generally small and are used as a place to sleep, not to spend time. Having this being a prominent feature of the hotel works as it’s own advertisement, allowing for people to mingle and make friends as they travel.

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