Off Beat Old Spice Ad Campaign

When it comes to TV ads, a company’s main focus is to catch the attention of the viewer, hopefully in a positive light.   A few years ago, Old Spice changed their ad campaign in attempt to trump a Dove Men+Care Superbowl ad.  Old Spice needed a fresh, new look for their brand and company, which has been around for many years.

The first step in their successful ad campaign was posting a YouTube video of a possible future TV ad with the slogan, “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.”  After one day of the video being posted, it received 5.9 million views.  In addition, after the video being posted, Old Spice’s twitter, Facebook, and home page website all increased in traffic by atleast 300 percent.

Since then, Old Spice’s new themed TV ads have been more popular than ever before.  The TV ads consist usually of some kind of crazy plot or theme, where the viewer is to be caught off guard by what it is about, until the Old Spice symbol and theme song is shown.  These ads immediately capture the viewer’s attention, whether they like the ad or not.  This may seem counter intuitive if the viewer’s response is a negative one, however it may do the trick.  Old Spice has already established their brand and reliability in the U.S., so even if the viewer is at first taken back by the commercial, after they see it is an Old Spice ad they take it as humorous.

Since Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign, its sales have skyrocketed, far exceeding their expected prediction of revenue.  Old Spice has continued their new looking, odd commercials and continues to reap the benefits.  Other companies have been amazed with Old Spice’s fresh idea, and have much to learn from Old Spice’s new stance and point of view on ad campaigning.

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