Personalized Products Prove Profitable


Did you ever walk into a souvenir shop as a kid and search aimlessly looking for your name on those overpriced $10 key chains? I know I have, and every time I found my name I jumped for joy. I thought the coolest thing was having a personalized key chain on my jansport backpack walking down the halls of my middle school.  Well lets fast forward to present day, when Coca Cola’s “share a coke campaign” debuted, I was dying to have a bottle with my name on it. So I searched and searched the mini fridges of  Walmart until I finally got my “Emily” diet coke. It wasn’t just me though, it turned into a game of sorts for my friends and I. We had this overwhelming urge to raid the fridge from one end of the store to the other finding our names.

This past summer Coca Cola launched there “share a…

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