For my blog post, I wanted to market an idea I had for a new app. It is called ProcrastiNOMORE, and yes I think it is an extremely clever name. My parents always yell at me for being on my phone and not getting done what I need to get done. I always come up with excuses like, “You never had the distractions we have today.” Honestly they didn’t and they don’t know what it is like to always have the craving of checking facebook, instagram, twitter, fantasy football and if it wasn’t bad enough, now there is Yik Yak and Fade. I wish people would just stop coming up with clever social media ideas so I can just get my freaking work done! Well, here is my solution for our generation! This will be an app just like any other app, it will come into effect when you click it on your screen. Once you click it, the app will start doing what we as young people have failed to do for so long, stop procrastination. It will block all phone calls, text messages, and will not allow you to access other apps. If someone does try and text you or call you, and automatic text message or voice mail will be sent to that person saying, “Jesse Korzen is currently in the F#$@ING ZONE and will get back to you when he is done. If this is an EMERGENCY, please respond with EMERGENCY, and he will be notified. Jesse Korzen thanks you for letting him ProcrastiNOMORE and will get back to you ASAP.” Now, someone may say, well if have such a problem with procrastination, what will keep you from just turning it off so you can use your phone? I have two things to say to that,

1. If your phone isn’t constantly buzzing with notifications, you will notice that you are not itching to check it as much.

2. The app will have an option to set a time limit until it unlocks you phone, or the app can connect with your laptop/computer via USB and will not unlock until your assignment is completed.

I feel as if this app has a lot of potential to help fight the battle of procrastination. I know it sounds silly, but I literally get so distracted by my phone that something that should taken a half hour, may actually take 2 hours and I know I am not a lone! An app like this would be supported by students, parents and even schools. It is a simple idea but really can effect today’s youth in a huge way if the app is designed properly and works the way I see it working.

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