Product or Lifestyle?

In the younger days of content marketing, common practice was to present potential customers with all the good things your company or product offers.  Eventually  the intelligent marketer realizes that this way of advertising can be tedious and boring.  This began the search for new ways to appeal to the customer, and one of the strategies that has emerged is lifestyle branding.

Lifestyle branding is used by so many companies, and is all over our televisions everyday.  Lifestyle branding is when companies will use a desirable lifestyle to help brand their product.  This type of advertising is meant to make the consumer think “What is the person i become in the process of consumption? Who are the other consumers like me?” (Sut Jhally)  This type of advertising is found throughout the market in almost every industry.

For example, Viagra creates commercials like this:


If you watch the ad you can see that it is entirely about showing how their product can create a lifestyle.  Not only does it help in the sack, but it helps give you an overall happier life.  Thanks to Viagra the first guy took dance classes and surprised his wife with his dancing abilities.  Thanks to viagra the second guy lit candles in the pool for and surprised his wife and made her happy.  This appeals to men and women: men thinking these guys look happy and confident all the time and it seems they always have happy wives, and the women thinking look at how these guys are treating there wives they all look so happy.  If you’re the type of person that is into those types of activities then this product is for you and this is how life will continue to be while you are using this product.

Here’s another example of this:

liestyle marketing

This advertisement basically says hey if you are the type of kid or person who likes to hang on the beach with their friends then Coca-Cola is for you.  The ad says this is what people who drink Coca-Cola do.  Coca-Cola is trying to show that an ice cold coke doesn’t even cause this lifestyle it is already a part of it just as much as the ocean, sand, and guitar are.

This has become one of the most popular ways to advertise because it is very effective in getting into the mind of the consumer and pushing that lifestyle as what their product is.  We can’t stop corporations from seducing us into buying their products, but we can be more aware of how they do it.

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