Puma on the Prowl

Recently, the shoe company Puma came out with a new commercial.  In this commercial it features the likes of sprinting god, Usain Bolt, and the Italian soccer star, Mario Balotelli.

This is a great piece of marketing in my opinion.  Nowadays, especially with athletic shoes, it is a must to have celebrity presence (in this case athletes) in the marketing campaigns.  And why not when there are so many fans that look up to these athletes.  That has what companies like Nike and Adidas have been doing for years and the results have been extraordinary.  The shoe companies now pay their endorsement athletes millions of dollars because they know it will pay off when millions of people buy their shoes.

Now it seems like Puma is looking to become a big player in the athletic shoe industry.  Don’t be mistaken, Puma has made sneakers for a very long time but just never was on the same level revenue-wise as Nike and Adidas.  As stated before, Nike and Adidas always had big names to represent them.  Nike has Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Adrian Peterson, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, etc. while Adidas has the likes of Derrick Rose, Tim Duncan, Dwight Howard, Jimmy Graham, Lionel Messi, and countless others.  Puma now has big names and are doing a good job of exposing them globally with these great commercials.  That’s another thing that Puma has changed, the way they make commercials for their shoes.  Today’s commercials usually don’t say a whole lot about the shoe rather they represent a brand.  The brand is a symbol or a lifestyle that the products represent.  In the Puma, the brand is being Fast Forever.  Nowhere does it talk about the actual product and what it does.  But we do know that Puma is trying to target users who are fast or who maybe would like to think of themselves as fast.

I am glad that Puma is pushing this new marketing campaign.  They make quality shoes and deserve to be in the same stratosphere as Nike and Adidas.  Puma is indeed on the prowl.

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