Red Bull: Marketing We Can All Enjoy

Red Bull and I are a match made in heaven. I ski more than I sleep during the winter, and Red Bull sponsors some of my favorite skiers such as Jon Olsson and Sean Pettit. I’m an avid car nerd – and Red Bull has not one, but two Formula One teams. I played soccer through high school and love watching soccer; Red Bull has two of those teams as well. Did I mention I play the keyboard and love music? Yeah, Red Bull even has a record company, too. Everything in the universe that is cool has been sponsored by Red Bull at some point – and yes that is a scientifically proven fact.

Ok, maybe Red Bull hasn’t sponsored EVERYTHING in the universe that is cool, but they have certainly done a great job leaving their mark. I think Red Bull’s success in marketing is due to the fact that they’ve done something different than most companies, and have done it with great success – they’ve developed a brand character that is both unique and solidified. Through sponsorship of events and (in the case of Formula One and soccer) owning and operating teams in many action sports, Red Bull is no longer just a name on a banner; they have become synonymous with action sports. By becoming the headlining act in action sports, Red Bull can easily market to their target market of young people aged 18-35 who enjoy watching or even participating in action sports.

Red Bull’s success lies in the creation of enjoyable marketing. While hundreds of other companies invest in interruption marketing programs that force consumers to sit through obnoxious commercials for products they aren’t interested in, Red Bull beckons the consumer to seek out Red Bull – related marketing through inspiring and frankly awesome-to-watch content. Want to watch some insane professional mountain biker like Cam Zink throw a 360 degree spin of a massive cliff in Utah? Just look up “Red Bull Rampage” (it’s a mountain biking competition) on YouTube. Want to watch Felix Baumgartner set a world record by skydiving from outer space? Google “Red Bull Stratos.” Have an itch to build a funky-looking homemade vehicle and race it through a downhill obstacle course? Register for Red Bull Soap Box Racing! Red Bull’s marketing is so entertaining that the consumer WANTS to be marketed to. It’s a brilliant solution, and it’s certainly paying off for Red Bull – it’s just too bad more companies don’t use this strategy, because I’ve already watched every Red Bull video there is to see, and I need MORE!

Oh, I knew you would want to see Cam Zink’s 360 of that cliff. Here’s the link:




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