Samuel Adams, A Step Above The Rest

As a beverage, Samuel Adams doesn’t exactly appeal to my tastes, but, in the realm of marketing, Samuel Adams has consistently proven their greatness. Other companies such as Budweiser and Heineken have always been connecting with the masses through moving commercials, however, recently, Samuel Adams has taken a step above the set. This commercial from last year highlights the variety of flavors Samuel Adams offers, something many beer advocates value in their beer:


The advertisement begins by presenting the question, “How many flavors does Samuel Adams have”? This immediately grabs the attention of the audience and makes them wonder what the actual answer is. Also, the “random bystanders” they ask this to all respond with reasonably small answers ranging from 5-12. By doing this the audience is nicely setup for an astounding answer of over 60 flavors. This commercial isn’t your usual brand attempt to appeal to a customer’s emotions, but rather, its a commercial that presents valuable information about Samuel Adams beer while grabbing the attention of viewers and eventually, surprising them. In my opinion, this approach while marketing beer is extremely effective and gets consumers attached to Samuel Adams amazing variety of flavors.

In addition to this, Samuel Adams also showcased an advertisement on Youtube the morning of April 1st. The title of the commercial was “Introducing Samuel Adams HeliYUM”, and supposedly was announcing their release of a helium-based beer. Here you go:

Obviously, Samuel Adams wasn’t actually trying to sell something with this ad, but given the timing of the publication and the humorous commercial, they certainly got a couple people to laugh and appreciate their effort. I know I did. The commercial followed the usual framework of any old Samuel Adams commercial but was able to comically present their “HeliYUM” beer by their founder speaking in a helium-infused tone.

From their premier TV commercials to their humorous marketing Samuel Adams has been able to separate themselves from their competition in the past couple of years. Maybe I should give one of their 60 flavors a chance this weekend.

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