Sharing Creates Success

In an ever changing, incredibly global market it remains a constant challenge to various companies and brands to remain current and successful. From a marketing standpoint, it is crucial to remain in constant contact with your brand’s customer base so that you stay current and successful. With technology advancing as fast as it is, companies need to create a brand that is easily recognizable, accessible, and shareable. One company that has performed consistently well in that area is The Coca-Cola Company. 

Over the years, The Coca-Cola Company has utilized a large array of campaigns to keep their brand and products accessible, profitable, and current. Through various competitions, design changes, social media activities, and other bold marketing campaigns. They have continually made an effort to stay appealing to a diverse range of people whom they consider to be their customer base. They have made a lot of progress and changes to match those in the cultures in which they market. Such changes include becoming more environmentally efficient and sustainable matching the general cultural “Go Green” movement. They have used the Internet and a variety of types of social media to make their brand incredibly globally known. In more current efforts in the summer of 2014, The Coca-Cola Company launched their “Share a Coke” campaign. This campaign was started in order to aid in boosting sales after recent declines in profits across the world. The Coca-Cola Company released various products, such as cans and bottles, with 250 different popular names. This sparked more conversation and communication involving Coca-Cola products all over the world and especially in the social media world. The efficiency and brilliance of this campaign was evident in the fact that their interactions and followers on social media have increased greatly. The “Share a Coke” campaign is a great example of how marketing is crucial in the success of a brand.

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