We all have a preference of sneakers to wear. Whether the kid who rides a skateboard likes vans or nike SBs, or a basketball player is wearing the new LeBron’s or Kobe’s, we’ve decided to wear a certain pair of shoes for one reason or another. Companies such as Nike, Adidas, and Reebok are selling out of anticipated sneaker releases weekly now-a-days. An emergence of “sneakerheads” has created a buzz for sneakers and their release dates all over the world. Certain sneakers that are popular include Michael Jordan’s collection, LeBron James’s collection, and Kobe Bryant’s collection. Companies are eager to create the next new attractive shoe, and market it with a popular name to hype the value of the sneaker.

“Sneakerheads” have the opportunity to resell sneakers and make money. Because of how quick most retailers sell out of hyped sneakers, customers are willing to pay extra off someone who got to buy them. Internet savvy customers have found ways to download bots for some websites like nike.com, which add sneakers to your cart the second they are available, leaving no time for human error that can lead to losing the sneakers at retail price. Some sneakers sell out within seconds, and for retailers this occurs weekly, especially during the summer and winter when people tend to spend more. Companies plan their most anticipated releases around these times.

Recently, Nike had a fallout with hip hop artist Kanye West. Kanye West had created a pair sneakers known as the Yeezy’s. The Yeezy’s were very limited in availability, and they blew up as one of the most popular sneakers of all time. The reason, mainly, because of the marketing value of Kanye West. Ultimately, Nike was making a lot of money off these sneakers and the story is that Kanye West wanted royalty, but Nike was not willing to include that in the contract. The contract was terminated, and the sneakers gained even more value because they were not being released again after the broken relationship with both parties. The cheapest I can find a pair of Yeezy’s on Ebay is $1,500. Many of them are going for $10,000, depending on condition and color scheme. Rumors are that Kanye West is collaborating with Adidas and they may have a sneaker coming out and the hype has already started.



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