So you wanna own a cool car, huh?

Cool Cars

I mean, who doesn’t want to own a “cool” car? The automotive industry is one of the top marketing ads out there. When watching TV, how many ads do you see for insurance, new cars, tire, auto shops, or body shops is ridiculous! Everything about these commercials screams marketing. Driving a car is a large part of society, so why not make it cool right?

ok, well, maybe not this. Come on, these commercials are crazy. Full sized mice, driving a Kia soul…. Thing is, it grabs your attention. This is what marketing is all about. Whoever has the craziest most abstract idea, DO IT!It provides information to the audience in a fun and unusual way. They are not only entertained, but they can be amused as well.

Get ready, for the Future

The idea is to grab the attention of the audience, lure them in, and make them interested in your commercial. This is how you sell cars. How is the average person suppose to know that a new car with new features is coming out (kind of obvious now over the years)?  Watch this, you will see what i mean…

Now, for most of the video you do not see the car. Seeing the introduction, hearing the man’s voice in the background, and watching the “future” draws the audience into the commercial. The car is only shown for about 15 seconds max. BMW spent hundreds of thousands of dollars producing this short video. Why? To get people like you and me interested in a car worth $135,925. Thing is, most people couldn’t afford this car, so why play it? It is to get the audience and possible buyer to believe that when they are buying a BMW, they are getting not only quality, but a piece of the “future”. Cars like this are very rarely seen in public areas like Amherst, but there are a lucky few who get to enjoy these cars.

Ridiculous Captions

When watching a car ad on TV you see these captions saying, “do not attempt, professional driver” or “fantasy, do not attempt”. Like some people are going to drive their car on a railroad… oh wait,

Seeing this video hooks the audience, again. I cant say this enough because that what these commercials are for! The car industry wants YOU to get up, trade your car in, and buy a new car. They keep you informed with where to buy the car, what insurance you need, and even driving lessons.

Car Enthusiast, gear head, and knuckle buster

As long as it gets me from A to B i don’t care what I’m driving



What YOU need to Know

What people need to know is that the car industry is a SCAM. As a mechanic, i see people getting ripped off everyday (not by us!). Dealerships promote ads on TV and the only place to buy a new fancy car is at a large, brand name, dealership. Working at an independent car repair shop has taught me many lessons on what dealerships do to people. These are all promoted by the ads you see on your TV. Dealerships pay their mechanics at a flat rate. This means, the more work a flat work worker gets, the more money they make! Yay for them, boo for you. This will burn a large whole in your pocket. We have had customers come in with a list of repairs recommended by a dealership after a basic oil change and their “free” 24-point inspection (this is so they can nail you for something that may need repair) that exceeded over $4,400 in parts alone! This inspection they do promotes the flat rate worker to not only check out your car, but to put more money in their pockets. This all relates to car ads you see on your TV, phones, and the internet. Seeing a car ad could make you think, “hey, i need my oil changed!”, but soon to find that you are needing all new brakes, tires, or ball joints. These ads are intertwined in the businesses that is the car industry. One ad may help out another business because they relate to the same thing.

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