Sourthern Comfort “Whatever’s Comfortable”

Southern Comfort’s new “Whatever’s Comfortable” advertising campaign reminds me of something my Dad once told me “I may not like you very much, but dammit I respect you.” Okay maybe it wasn’t my Dad who told me that but it was an older man slightly over weight, around 5’10”, with greying hair that I don’t really pay attention too. I have only had Southern Comfort a handful of times, and none of them have been experiences to rave about, but I like their new ad campaign as much as I like the Jason Bourne Trilogy…. a lot. I love two commercials best. The commercial based on the obese man walking down the beach in a uncomfortably small speedo, and the one featuring I assume his best friend the long haired, alligator boot wearing Ninja who shows off his wicked sweet karate skills in the Napoleon Dynamite salon. I’ll have to admit I’m a little weird myself, so maybe that’s why I’ve bonded with the men I’ve never met before so well. Or maybe its because I imagine there background stories and if my life landed in either situation I’d be pumped. I can only imagine the obese man wearing the speedo is the funny uncle your mom doesn’t like seeing at family get-togethers cause she’s slightly embarrassed or jealous of him. He’s probably worn the same I Like to Party shirt since 1885, and has been telling you inappropriate jokes since you were 7. His best friend Nija is the kind of dude you don’t mess around with. If you take one wrong look, step, or breathe around him you better hope you can get a hold of a good plastic surgeon once you get out of your coma in 2017. Regardless, the campaign was novel enough to dare me to be myself, which is almost enough to forget how much I don’t like their whiskey… almost.

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