Sponsors cashing in on Derek Jeter’s Retirement


As I am sure you all have heard, long time New York Yankees captain, and all-time great Derek Jeter played his last game this past Sunday. Ironically it was played in enemy territory belonging to the Boston Red Sox. After 20 seasons in the Bigs the captain played his last out.

As a life long Red Sox fan I was far from crying as the game came to a close, but it is impossible to not respect the career that Jeter had. Jeter played with extreme passion and leadership night in and night out in the biggest market in baseball, constantly avoiding bad press in a paparazzi invested city of New York.

Over his 20 seasons in the majors Jeter did more than just win over the respect of fans and players, he landed some pretty sweet endorsement deals too. Just like Jeter cashing in on these deals, the sponsors…

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