Strength of the West/Kardashian Family Brand

Whether you love them or hate them, it is impossible to deny the growing brand of the West family. No matter what Kanye or Kim seems to do, everybody always make headlines somewhere. Now with the addition of baby North West she adds more attention to the family. Kanye makes headlines because he comes off as egotistical and is extremely outspoken. While Kim makes headlines for any reason reporters seem fit because she’s a socialite. Once they became a couple they were in the public eye and they do not seem to leaving anytime soon.
For example baby North made news reports for different reasons this past week at Paris Fashion Week and they were at the same event. At the Givenchy show she had her own seat next to her mother Kim. She is only 15 months old and is already sitting front row at a high fashion show, while most people will never even come close to being there. But there was controversy on what she wore. People were upset because she wore a see through outfit to match her mother. Parents should be able to dress their kids how they want, but because she is part of this family it was blown out of proportion.

All over Paris Fashion Week they were the talk all over. Media made sure to point out their presence at each show they decided to attend whether it was at the Balenciaga show, Dries Van Noten show, Balmain, or Givenchy shows. Sometimes it seemed like media paid more attention to them rather than the actual clothing being displayed. But I am sure the brands love having that type of attention at their shows. It helps them become bigger because people start to do their research and try to buy the line because they want to be like them.

But Kanye and Kim’s brand does not only affect them. They help out the people around them or who are associated with them in any way. For example Kim’s little sister was walking at the Balmain fashion show at age 18 and she was front and center. This is a big accomplishment for her and it would have not happened if her sister did not get famous and stay relevant all these years. While Kanye’s whole team was out having fun at parties and promoting their own brands. Whether it was his artists Travis Scott or Theophilus London promoting their music or his friend Virgil Abloh DJing parties nights in a row or promoting his own brand Off-White.

Therefore, the West family brand is in full force. Their influence over a generation is extremely strong and a lot of youth are influenced by them. Not everything they do is good and not everything is bad, but it will somehow be talked about in the media.

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