Take Me Out To The Ballgame


The MLB postseason is always full of special moments year in and year out. Fisk waiving the ball fair, Gibson limping around the bases, Jeter’s backhand flip home, and Ortiz’s homerun that sent Tori hunter into the bullpen. These are just a few of the moments Bryan Cranston recreates in his hilarious tribute to the MLB 2014 postseason. This ad campaign by the MLB could not have been better produced. In the commercial Cranston collects all these special MLB postseason moments and attempts to turn them into his own play to be preformed in front of an audience. Almost anyone in the world it seems is a fan of the series “Breaking Bad”, so what better way to get everyone’s attention than to get the lead actor from the series to star in your ad campaign? Even if you are not a fan of the MLB or baseball in general there is a good chance seeing Bryan Cranston on your TV will make you freeze on that channel for at least a little while and have a laugh. Even if you don’t understand baseball you’ll be laughing at Bryan Cranston’s antics as he tries to preform for the crowd and who knows maybe you’ll even end up watching a game or two of playoff baseball because of it. Now onto the actual meat of the commercial. The MLB perfected this commercial with how they were able to tie in so many teams and great moments from playoff history. Every fan will watch this commercial and recall that special moment their team had in the playoffs. You start to remember all that excitement you felt in that moment and realize there is only one thing that can bring back that excitement. You’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more playoff baseball. The playoffs are underway and hopefully they’ll give us a few more moments Bryan Cranston can add to his play for next year.

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