Taste Test and Chobani gets 0% of the vote!

Can the satisfied Yoplait lovers of Boston really convince me that Yoplait is better than Chobani (my personal favorite)? I think by comparing 2 similar, specific products this commercial is convincing me to buy both and try for myself.

Watch: Yoplait Commercial

Using this logic one can infer that Yoplait has faith that their product is indeed superior in taste to Chobani’s. All the people asked to try the yogurt in the commercial chose Yoplait, but in reality there must have been at least one soul who sided with me and chose Chobani as his/her favorite. Why doesn’t the Yoplait commercial use that to its advantage? It’s hard to believe that 100% of the test subjects unanimously chose Yoplait. I’d be more convinced if at the end of the commercial one or two of the people did chose Chobani, but then eight chose Yoplait.  Then I would be more inclined to think ‘oh 80% to 20% that’s believable maybe I’ll give Yoplait a try.’ This positive reaction marketing strategy is used in a number of commercials and I just noticed it recently.

An older example is a Prego commercial where customers try Prego and Ragu and also always chose the Prego sauce.

Watch: Prego Commercial

In both these commercials the ‘yummier’ product is option A. Coincidence? I think not. We associate A with being better because an A, grade wise, is better than a B or a C. Also it comes first in the alphabet. As the saying goes you go to plan B if plan A fails. Hence A is the more favorable option.

Back to our Yoplait example, is it also a coincidence that the high energy, young yogurt dispensing female is wearing a shirt that could easily be mistaken for a Boston Red Sox shirt? If you guessed ‘no’ you’re correct my friend! Her red and blue shirt is another tactic used to convince and sway viewers; if she supports the Red Sox (the taste test took place in Boston as the commercial shows) then she’ll seem more trusting to the Boston community. What if a man did the same taste test wearing a Yankees hat and jersey…in Boston? Would people be so friendly and responsive? These ‘random’ taste tests are very well thought out and always presented in a bias manner so remember to look for the subtle hints!

At the end of the day… did I cheat on Chobani? No, not yet, but if I’m ever feeling adventurous maybe soon I’ll try Yoplait’s  version of Greek yogurt.

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